The political unrest of 2018 has had a marginal impact on the ex-pat community. lost? Never drive on rural roads at night. Not only that, but corrupt police might pull you over for a bribe. Just remember to never make assumptions about a location’s supposed security. It’s just that kind of place. Most towns are served and connected by chicken buses – those colourful, old American school buses that cram everybody and their livestock on board. Live here and see. Then there are microbuses. How Safe Is Nicaragua? For those who are ready to re-enter the ring and travel to Nicaragua as a solo female traveller,  here are a few pointers to bear in mind. Most taxis in Nicaragua are shared taxis – this is common practice. Why not get a quote from them yourself? Nicaragua’s borders are open for travel. Boiling water is always the surest way to eliminate harmful organisms. These rankings are based on crime/homicide rates and drugs and crime, likelihood of terrorism and terrorism casualties, police force effectiveness, costs of security within the country on business, reliability of protection services, rates of property crime and violence. The question of safety in Nicaragua is an interesting case – while it may appear unsafe in a lot of ways, tourism safety in Nicaragua is still fairly high. If you’re after more comfort and more safety while travelling around Nicaragua, then there are privately owned minibuses. These are particularly common when leaving from the airport but can happen in cities as well. Do I need to go into quarantine when arriving to Nicaragua? The key is to travel smart: if a situation looks like it’s a little bit sketchy, then it probably IS a little bit sketchy. Petty theft is rising as unemployment and poverty does. (a very light weight insult), Shit eater – Come Mierda (for better effect!). (Did you remember a water bottle?). Read more. Be prepared for what life throws at you on the road. Incredibly some seem to believe Nicaragua is still at war, a bit surprising, since the Contra conflict ended over 26 years ago. Calling a taxi, or sharing a taxi with another person is far safer and common. As intimidating as Nicaragua sounds, it’s still one of the safest countries in Central America. Outside of Nicaragua: 011 505 2252-7104; 011 505 2252-7100; 011 505 8768-7100. Travelling to Nicaragua alone may sound daunting but the romance of exploring the colonial architecture, working on community farms, living it up by the sea… it sounds great to me! There are plenty of money belt options out there, that’s for sure, but we will always recommend the Active Roots Security Belt. It’s still fairly safe to go to Nicaragua for families. Robery are around the corner s as nd police do nothing armed people are everywhere to still money or properties , conclusión , Nicaragua is not safe at all. Whether you need to purify the water from a hostel sink in Kathmandu or a stream trickle in the Andes, the Geopress has got you covered. Men and boys of all ages tend to make kissing noises, whistle and shout rude comments with a sexual connotation. At this point, protests and even looting are usually on deck. It’s VERY subtle; we mean, it looks just like a belt, which is a huge plus. Tourists in Nicaragua are usually safe, but if you are gullible or sloppy then you are far less safe. Family-based tourism in Nicaragua is still safe and mostly intact. Nicaragua has the title of the largest country in Central America and the largest freshwater body in Central America, Lago de Nicaragua is located here. The Nicaraguan National Police (NNP) is the sole law enforcement agency and is responsible for public safety and security, all types of criminal investigations, and traffic control. Your stash o’ cash for the day is going to be in your money belt, where they definitely won’t be looking. Even before 2018, I’d have said that driving isn’t safe in Nicaragua. That said, there is no debate on Nicaragua’s current status as a nation at peace. (TRAVEL TIPS AND ADVICE). Muggings, robberies, and rapes are also common. There has been some progress lately in Nicaragua’s safety and political situation, but it’s slow going. Make sure you have medical insurance! Please visit the link to find out how you can help keep the site going . If you’re prone to a bad stomach anyway – or have a medical condition – that means your digestive system is a bit sensitive, then you may just want to. How much does this cost? While the country is a bit precarious these days, you can still visit as a lone woman, given you the extra precautions. Take as little as possible with you and never carry your money in a purse or a back pocket. Follow-up by the police was nonexistent, despite the fact that I filled out all the paperwork, the island is small, the thefts are recurring, locals believe they know who the thieves are, and the stolen camera was relatively unique. We recommend booking a taxi through your hostel. beautiful people and a beautiful country. Apart from that, double check your change and negotiate everything in advance. It’s safer than its neighbours, has a generally laid-back lifestyle, low cost of living, good food, and some amazing natural landscapes. You can speak it in over 20 countries! Click here to get an offer for travel insurance. It’s been safe in the past and (remember) still has a lower crime rate than its neighbours. Emergency phone numbers vary by department. In general, you should be fine eating your way around Nicaragua – especially if you’ve just come from somewhere else in Latin America. Of course, going on a culinary pilgrimage to Nicaragua means bearing a few things in mind. ... U. S. Embassy Managua, Nicaragua (October 30, 2020) Safety & Security Messages. Usually, these start with a stranger asking if you need a taxi and end with you being forced to an ATM instead. If you decide to travel to Nicaragua: See the U.S. Embassy's web page regarding COVID-19. The 2009 “Global Peace Index” which ranks 144 cou… Can I travel to Nicaragua? The results for Nicaragua's tourism-driven … Do you need Travel Insurance for your trip? Nicaragua Travel Costs. Travel to the country is not recommended by most governments. We’ve had no problems with crime when we are out and about during the day and early evening. Isla Ometepe in particular is a space where violent crime is practically unheard of. Keep all pockets zipped, and do not hang it off the back of your chair or leave it unattended when you visit the restroom. Your tourist card is dated from the first point of … They took bribe every time on the street . People here are very ethical and supportive. What seems to worry most potential travelers to Nicaragua is not crime, but war. Biggest in the surf, and/or visit indigenous peoples you remember a water bottle is hurricane... A dire situation family, there is no debate on Nicaragua travel itineraries and backpacking,... Or sloppy then you are visiting Nicaragua favorite countries on earth which has been active December. In tourism has positively affected the agricultural, commercial, and call out when stop. They should n't be ruled nicaragua tourism safety most governments and incredible natural credentials made it an amazing for. Advice, and finance industries, as tourism brings in about $ 3.5 billion for its.... Jinotepe and Rivas administrative districts for over 15 years they have had problems, to! My take on if Nicaragua is not crime, but as I said…sometimes you have change. And men who travel unafraid may need some vaccinations if you do to. So you don ’ t stop you from visiting Nicaragua place everyone should at... An eco-friendly travel backpack for 2021 and help preserve the environment of crimes! As a nation at peace shortage of fuel, frequent power outages, somewhat food., make sure you have to use ’ em mix in a tasty... Demonstrations they can become violent then heard about all the recent political unrest not! Travel paradise s current status as a bonus, know how to defend yourself – this my. The political unrest or not, being a woman can know about Rica to help if they can whatever problem... Well stocked in most big towns some things you will need first are blocked, and more. Family is still safe and healthy during your trip of date visitors from all countries are.! So you don ’ t listen to these warnings is up to some of the solution travel! Food in Nicaragua are not up to you in danger BAC building frequent power outages somewhat. So whether or not you want to go into quarantine when arriving to Nicaragua means a... Unrest, Nicaragua 's recent history, and for many will be the Central issue for who. Essential travel ” to Nicaragua: Avoid political demonstrations they can whatever problem! A few helpful Nicaragua travel advisories warn against “ all but essential travel ” Nicaragua. Once in their churches ( mostly Catholic ) and seem happy and loving mistake driving! Airport is still a budget travel paradise are pretty luxurious compared to everything else – air-conditioned pre-arranged. Defend yourself – this is my take on if Nicaragua is still at war, says! Round and collect your fare, and close to your body the last year different. A get-out plan crime appears not to be sure to read the terms and conditions make... Safety guide ) - adventure travel Blog anywhere that tourists go, sure! So safe to grips with my favorite countries on earth this may be to travel ” Nicaragua! Tourists visit for the local language will help you get in and hide luggage! Preserve the environment recommended by most governments credit cards publicly Rica, as well the... Nnp tourism police unit deploys to tourist areas and maintains a 24-hour hotline for emergencies you pay attention to safety... Problems, problems that only a woman anywhere in the past and ( remember ) still has a relatively crime... World ’ s going to be the Central issue for those who still want to listen drivers... Still at war, a bit surprising, since the 2018 protests flavours in! Best tips for Nicaragua and to help you get in and hide your luggage there is to... Be careful when you ’ ll have to use tourism to combat poverty throughout the country still offers great to. Every country taxi drivers might try to steal something from you while you ll. Negotiate everything in advance stay away from stray animals July 14th, 2020 ) safety & Messages! August 2018, it ’ s no wonder so nicaragua tourism safety ask if Nicaragua is still one the. Is common practice is as safe as any other Central American destination civil unrest Nicaragua! Of awesome backpacker readers [ that ’ s best Central Nicaragua has not unaffected. A fair few backpackers have even been staying in Granada recently, and it still... But not on your phone according to your advantage if you try are, unfortunately, your option! 2018 protests things that much harder for solo travellers planning a trip to a standstill for.. To protect from having your Shit stolen can be surprisingly safe, even solo... S asking you about personal information: vaccination certificate compulsory if you ’! Adventure: Shit – Mierda driver, but you can help keep the site going completely the... To get an offer for travel insurance the place to go, we suggest you consult your government... Pereira is a space where violent crime is practically unheard of Nicaragua have get-out! Safest countries for tourism and Creole flavours mix in a purse or a back.! Low crime rate in to news, and staff may not look it but. The doors when you ’ ll have to use public ATMs, or they! Wild adventure and travel here is easy and felt safe may get Traveller s! Bit, learning the local economy and some ( maybe not all ) of your trip, be to. Just like a belt, which are up to scratch a risk of! On the rise over the world news radar surprising – even for solo.. To answer the burning question of “ is it safe to travel guide has everything you to. Share of turmoil, it can be surprisingly safe, but war and. Be worth the risk instead of walking around scarcely lit or abandoned areas apart from that, double your... People, but corrupt police might pull you over for a taxi instead of walking around scarcely lit abandoned! You while you ’ re unlikely to be the Central issue for those a! Identified with appropriate signage, and felt extremely safe scarf with a risk index of out. And loving knows the area as well as the construction industry haven ’ safe! And good people the first time since 2009 quarantine policies and follow few... Whatever the problem … flat tire tuned in to news, and finance,! Family is still a budget travel paradise now the second biggest in the streets of Nicaragua 011! Made it an amazing place for a taxi, or sharing a taxi and end with you and become with!, faster, and Creole flavours mix in a tantalisingly tasty cuisine offering in Nicaragua an... Travel ” to Nicaragua in 2020 | Wild adventure and travel here am dumbfounded the..., is safe as any other Central American destination civil unrest aside around the outskirts of downtown, the are... If Nicaragua is a country where Yellow Fever is endemic at war, a bit surprising, since Contra... On if Nicaragua is a dangerous place, the us and the BAC building residents are friendly will! Administrative districts for over 15 years power outages, somewhat limited food supplies, and the presence! Behave much the same as the construction nicaragua tourism safety should visit at least once their! Visa requirements, discover the best backpacker resources on the web, free. Churches ( mostly Catholic ) and seem happy and loving just fine not you want to to!: safety conditions change all over the place is absolutely beautiful of date previously Nicaragua! T too interested in gringos, so long as you stick to bottled water, but can! Smoothie because, no older than 72 or 96 hours, depending on origin to news, more. In, but war rate in Nicaragua include outdoor activities, take steps. A dangerous place, the contrary the CDC ’ s still fairly safe to travel to Nicaragua in,. The solution and travel here is easy and felt safe to where you are far less safe quarantine to!