[57], In 2011, Humanists UK campaigned to get atheists, agnostics and other non-believers to tick the "no religion" box in response to the optional religion question in the 2011 census (as opposed to writing in either a joke religion like "Jedi" or ticking the religion one grew up in). and doctors should be able to assist that person. In 1963 the first two went as far as creating an umbrella Humanist Association of which Harold Blackham (later to become a President of Humanists UK) was the Executive Director. Humanists UK was a co-founder in 1969 of the Social Morality Council (later transmuted into the Norham Foundation), which brought together believers and unbelievers concerned with moral education and with finding agreed solutions to moral problems in society. Humanists UK has expressed concern about the potential for the UK’s human rights framework to be weakened as the Government has launched a panel to examine the Human Rights Act 1998, which enshrines the European Convention on Human Rights into UK law and allows UK citizens to have their cases taken under the Convention heard in UK … Founded in 1896 by Stanton Coit, it is one of the few groups in the UK, alongside the National Secular Society, to promote such goals on a national scale.Both the National Secular Society and Humanists UK … The more people that get involved, even in a small way, the bigger the impact is. Humanists UK was active in arguing for voluntary euthanasia and the right to obtain an abortion. [56] In total the ASA received 326 complaints about the campaign, with many claiming that the wording was offensive to the religious,[57] however Humanists UK contested the complaint and commented on the plausibility of the ASA making a claim as to the "probability of God's existence". This unique Apply with CharityJob. Resolution Revolution is a humanist social action initiative, turning good intentions outwards to others. 020 7324 3060 | info@humanists.uk Humanists UK, 39 Moreland Street, London EC1V 8BB Registered Charity No. Humanists International is the trading name of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU), a not-for-profit organization registered in New York, USA (501(c)3) and operating as a foreign company in the United Kingdom (FC020642). By continuing to browse the site you agree to our privacy policy . 26 Church of England bishops sit as of right in the At Humanists UK, we want a tolerant world where rational thinking and kindness prevail. In 2019, the charity backed two parents to take a human rights challenge to those laws, arguing that the state had a duty to treat non-religious pupils equally and by effectively isolating those who withdraw from compulsory worship, discrimination occurs. Download the job application form. Sign up as a supporter and we'll keep you up to date by email about all of our work for a fair and equal society. It seeks to act as a representative body for non-religious people in th… "[19] The organisation campaigns for reform of Religious Education in the UK including a reformed subject covered by the national curriculum which is inclusive of non-religious viewpoints, such as "Belief and Values Education". Postcode is optional but will help us send you information relevant to your local area. It seeks to act as a representative body for non-religious people in the UK. Successful shortlisted candidates will be notified by Wednesday 13th January 2021. EC1V, London . The community for UK charity professionals. [104], Humanists UK is a founding member of Humanists International, and the European Humanist Federation. Humanist marriages are currently legally recognised in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but not England and Wales. Humanists UK had been providing same-sex wedding ceremonies for decades, and had strongly supported legalising same-sex marriage years in advance of eventual UK and Scottish legislation. [107], Humanists UK has traditionally worked closely with the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which was founded by the President of Birmingham Humanists, sexologist Martin Cole, in 1968. Interviews are currently scheduled to take place online on Monday 18th January and Tuesday … [79], In April 2011, it was announced that Professor A.C. Grayling would succeed Polly Toynbee as president of Humanists UK in July 2011. end their life if they are suffering, and that relatives Past winners are: Earlier awardees include A.J. It was also among the first organisations to protest Section 28 in the late 1980s, and was one of the most vocal and longstanding advocates of a ban on gay conversion therapy, which it denounces as "religious pseudoscience" with harmful consequences. Today we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Family Planning Act, which has made contraception pills available to women in England and Wales for 50 years now. [39] Jersey followed in 2019, to be followed by England in 2020. The community for UK charity professionals. [61], The Census results for England and Wales showed that 14.1 million people, about a quarter of the entire population (25%), stated they had no religion at all, a rise of 6.4 million since the 2001 census. We help charity professionals get better at their jobs. She presided over the founding Congress of the Union in 1896. [100][101][102], Numerous prominent people from the worlds of science, philosophy, the arts, politics, and entertainment are publicly aligned with Humanists UK, including Professor Alice Roberts, Tim Minchin, Stephen Fry, Matty Healy, Sandi Toksvig, Philip Pullman, and Dan Snow. [9] It changed its name to the Ethical Union in 1920 and was incorporated in 1928. [23] In 2019, Humanists UK's Wales Humanists branch revived the campaign in partnership with David Attenborough after the Welsh Department of Education omitted to include similar safeguards against teaching creationism in schools. By continuing to browse the site you agree to our, Religion and belief – surveys and statistics. Check commute. Sign up to share knowledge and ideas, ask burning questions & build connections. We also depend extensively on volunteers, with over 200 people around the UK supporting our work for a tolerant world where rational thinking and kindness prevail. On 21 October 2008, Humanists UK lent its official support to Guardian journalist Ariane Sherine as she launched a fundraising drive to raise money for the UK's first atheist advertising campaign, the Atheist Bus Campaign. Journalists Bryan Appleyard and Deborah Orr criticised both Humanists UK and the National Secular Society for their (ultimately successful) campaign to end discrimination against non-religious children in the Scouts' Oath of Allegiance. The organisation opposes the teaching of creationism in schools. Registered Charity No. At Humanists UK, we want a tolerant world where rational thinking and kindness prevail. [58] Robert Winston criticised the campaign as "arrogant". "[11], The local ethical societies united in 1896 had (mainly during the 1950s) renamed themselves as humanist groups and their number grew over time, becoming today Humanists UK's network of affiliated local humanist groups. Humanists UK was a founding member of the BPAS "We Trust Women" coalition, which campaigns for the full decriminalisation of abortion throughout the UK. "[28] It points to issues such as the joint role of the British monarch (both Supreme Governor of the Church of England and Head of State), the reserved places for bishops in the House of Lords, the status of the Church of England (the officially established church[29]), and other "discriminations based on religion or belief within the system" such as those in education and Public Services. (03/02/09)", "Humanist religious question census campaign launched", "Humanist census posters banned from railway stations", "Census reveals decline of Christianity – Guardian", "Humanists call for new year resolutions to help others", "Resolution Revolution encourages us to make 'social resolutions' this New Year", "Stephen Fry's humanist secret of happiness is the best thing you'll watch today", "British Humanist Association launches Tube poster campaign as antidote to Thought for the Day", "Where is my train and where are we all going? The organisation was founded in 1896 by American Stanton Coit as the Union of Ethical Societies, which brought together existing ethical societies in Britain. [32] In 2014, it intervened in a Supreme Court case in which the court stated it would rule again on a potential declaration of incompatibility between restrictions on the right to die and the Human Rights Act should Parliament fail to legislate decisively. [92][93], Since 2018, Humanists UK celebrants have been able to conduct legally recognised marriages in Northern Ireland. "[18], While the organisation is opposed to faith schools receiving any state funding whatsoever, it supports the Fair Admissions Campaign which has a more limited scope because "it furthers our aims of ending religious discrimination and segregation in state schools; and secondly because we know how important this particular topic is. [82], The charity also contracts an officer on the ground both in Wales and Northern Ireland, who coordinate its national sections (or branches) Wales Humanists and Northern Ireland Humanists. Previous experience in reporting is helpful as would be an awareness of peer support, CPD, and mentoring. The videos, which were widely shared on social media, were intended to introduce non-religious people who were humanist in their outlook to the existence of a community of like-minded people living their lives on the basis of reason and empathy. Humanists International | 725 followers on LinkedIn | We are the global representative body of the humanist movement. This network is known as the Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network. [45], The charity has been consistently supportive of LGBT rights across its history. The organisation also campaigns on marriage laws, demanding full equality for same-sex and humanist marriage ceremonies throughout the UK. Humanists UK, known from 1967 until May 2017 as the British Humanist Association (BHA), is a charitable organisation which promotes humanism and aims to represent "people who seek to live good lives without religious or superstitious beliefs" in the United Kingdom by campaigning on issues relating to humanism, secularism, and human rights. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life" on the sides of 30 London buses for four weeks in January 2009. privilege is unfair, unjustified and unpopular. We think it’s vital that every young person learns about the different religions that are common in the UK today, as well as humanism. Home | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Media, 020 7324 3060 | info@humanists.uk The successful candidate will have good organisational and administrative skills. [106], Humanist Students is a national federation of atheist, humanist, secularist, and skeptic societies at universities and is part of Humanists UK. Humanists urge commuters to ponder meaning of life", Annual Reports of the Union of Ethical Societies, "BHA mourns Linda Smith, BHA President 2004-2006", "Jim Al-Khalili named President-elect of British Humanist Association", "Shappi Khorsandi named new President of the British Humanist Association", "Acclaimed scientist and broadcaster Alice Roberts appointed President of Humanists UK", Papers of Individual Members and Humanists, "Anthony Grayling named new British Humanist Association President Â» British Humanist Association", "Anthony Grayling has decided not to take office as BHA President", "Richy Thompson appointed new BHA Director of Public Affairs and Policy", "Humani: The humanist association of Northern Ireland", "BBC – Religions – Atheism: Funerals", "What is a good death? [40][41] In 2013, it secured an amendment to the same sex-marriage bill to require UK Government to consult on letting humanist celebrants conduct legal marriages. Richy Thompson – Director of Public Affairs and Policy, Liam Whitton - Director of Communications and Development, Luke Donnellan – Director of Understanding Humanism, Jessica Grace – Director of Humanist Care, Catriona McLellan – Director of Operations, 2018: Northern Ireland Humanist Campaigners (, Humanistisch-Vrijzinnige Vereniging (HVV), Raad voor Inspectie en Begeleiding niet-confessionele Zedenleer (RIBZ), Vrijzinnig Studie-, Archief- en Documentatiecentrum "Karel Cuypers" (VSAD), Dachverband freier Weltanschauungsgemeinschaften (DFW), Bund Freireligiöser Gemeinden Deutschlands (BFGD), Associazione del Libero Pensiero "Giordano Bruno", Coordinamento Nazionale delle Consulte per la Laicità delle Istituzioni, Fundația Centrul pentru Conștiință Critică (CCC), Cyprus (Όμιλος Ανθρωπιστών Κύπρου-Cyprus Humanist Association), Europe (European Humanist Professionals (EHP)), Poland (Polish Humanist Association "Sapere Aude"), ETHOS – Etika Tolerancia Humanizmus Občianstvo Sekularizmus, This page was last edited on 8 December 2020, at 17:03. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. [69], Prior to the creation of a President of the Union of Ethical Societies in 1918, and that of Chair in 1916, several others held the equivalent role of Chair of the Annual Congress. By donating to Humanists UK, you’ll be helping us to champion ideas for the one life we have, helping support more people to lead happier, confident, more fulfilling lives. Ritual, whether religious or not, still counts", "Humanist Weddings and Partnership Celebrations", "Public humanist funeral for Rhodri Morgan at National Assembly for Wales", "Rhodri Morgan funeral to be held at the Senedd, Cardiff", "First legal humanist marriages in Northern Ireland since Court ruling to occur this weekend", "The North's first legal humanist weddings take place this weekend", "NHS appoints humanist to lead chaplaincy team", "2018 Darwin Day Lecture explores origins of human morality", "Owen Jones delivers the Holyoake Lecture 2016", "Philip Pullman awarded for services to Humanism", "Richard Dawkins awarded for services to Humanism", "Terry Pratchett receives 2013 Services to Humanism Award", "Gulalai Ismail wins International Humanist of the Year Award", "Wole Soyinka wins International Humanist of the Year Award", "Alice Roberts wins Humanist of the Year at BHA Annual Conference 2015", "Lord Dubs awarded Humanist of the Year 2016", "Lord Alf Dubs awarded Humanist of the year 2016", "Joan Bakewell wins Humanist of the Year 2017", "Northern Ireland marriage and abortion rights campaigners win 2018 Humanist of the Year Award", "Scout's oath 'is religious discrimination, "Labour promised social justice along with economic competence.