You should then feel the weight of a baby on your arms, don’t Car Fixing Gone Wrong! Tom will again attempt to complete Bloody Mary aswell as Candyman and Baby Blue live, and catch any paranormal activity on tape or in the bathroom mirror itself. CASE CLOSED. lol. Image... During summer break, two best friends: Jenny and Laura decided to have a girl's night in. ... Isaak sings ways of love gone wrong. This ritual is a lot like the bloody mary challenge and the baby blue blue baby ritual. Sad thing no matter witch way I go I still lose the to the fact that everybody never ask me.... so fuck everybody I'm ghost really shit shotgun. :-( :-( :'( :'(, I did this one with my cousins the first one at midnight did not work but I'm never doing it again ������, Nope they killed my baby because I was a white girl that came frome a fucked up family that doesn't like the darker shade of I. Ive been cursed since birth stuck in the middle 1. do thatits just mean killing a baby that womanis a fugitive, im going to try it it will be an interesting experience ....*devious look* XD, Okay Idont think ima take a shower for a while O.O, Omg it worked, we were carrying the baby and we threw it on the ground and ran, and now, we look on our hands and thiers baby bluecolor on our hands, Yh right ima do all that and in gonna bloody die ey? Rather than writing about a reformed hitman (Quarry) or a ex-mob guy (Nolan), the Mallory series focuses on someone who is more of an everyman rather than being a professional tough guy. We’ve all heard of Bloody Mary but have you heard the similar but no SEE HOW FUNNY IT IS! oh that is such i lie man this is sooooo fake and who comes up with this stuff, even if this story was real the mother wouldnt cry and just go away like what the hell and you cant even proove this because i bet you dont even have the baby. $169.99 New. If u do this you ave my full power and that is alot if u want to live say all fey folk witchs warlocks wizards give me your power so I live and baby blue and his mother see i have your powers and will stay long enough so i get satfaised and see that they are real! SCARY BABY BLUE GAME AT 3AM! The worst and badiest of them all I've been beat down too the grave roose above it all to be kick down by my own kind tell me where your trust would lay if you were ME......lost lov.... black n white. Spirits can talk through the signals baby … but whatevs., I did it but my arms was hard to rise up so I looked at the window is was craked but the baby fucking scratched me so I throw the baby in tolit thin I got a new house fuck that game am never playing it again but instead I got a oua, Actually ure supposed to flush the baby down the toilet and get outta there. Beautiful 360 in, I believe, Swaters Blue. Baby Blue Horror Challenge at 3 AM #3amChallenge #babybluechallengeHorror series Episode 2: what happened in this was unexpected and I was scared for my life that night.ARE YOU NEW TO MY CHANNEL? I would so do it............................................................. wit 20 ppl. It's just to scare you kids I tried I'm still here For I know is that Bloody Mary Was murded for no reason by king henry she was a beautiful girl but now oh and baby blues mum was also pretty, What the fuck he'll no I am not doing that shit. but now, you see that, and it seems to me But have you ever heard of Baby Blue? 28 May 2020 ... 15 Dec 2007 662 860; Share Video. She will scream at you from the mirror “GIVE ME BACK BY BABY” SO HOW IS EVERYONE DO'IN LOL BTW WHY TGHE HELL WOULD I DO THAT BITCH THAT IS JUST STUPID. Even though it contains abuse and heartache there are … My back was still cold, but not colder. Mark my words, the party’s manipulative mantra will become a footnote to a sad history, replaced by a new one: It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue. minute you should hold out your arms, just like you were carrying a baby in How to Play Bloody Mary. Ill Never Do It But I Love The Stories !!! I'm a wiccan/pagan witch who's been practicing the real life magickal arts for over 20 years now, and I deal with the spirit realm all the time, and I have to say that this is one legend that is basically just that, a legend that probably bgot started way back in the day by somebody seeking their 15 minutes of fame. friend. Of the three #1 singles from the album, this is easily the best. SCARY BABY BLUE GAME AT 3AM! This ritual is a lot like the bloody mary challenge and the baby blue blue baby ritual. the serial number may be on the castle side. Blue being young never stopped her.The problem of the story contains abuse, making it an emotional trigger for some people. This is not say that this woman and her child never existed and or such a murder didn't or never could happen. pl.n. We were in a tent instead of the bathroom. If no one does it they are scared i done did this it is not real, Wow *shiver* I do bloody mary with no problem but this one ha don't think so. friend with you!) ne of the emerging trends this 2020 is making activewear fun with prints. I want to send one of my friends to do it so I can see if its real or not, pahaha. Never tried it but my friends cousim has and she says they like her. freak out – keep him held safe and after a while you should pass him to your We're doomed as a species! now that i have moved on (because you caused me grief) , ive found someone that is really in to me, that likes me, and makes me happy. Omg :( i want to try it BUTT i dont wanna get killed by the freaking careless stupid mother, And, Why did she kill her baby, and why does she want it back? ^. Someone did it in my school and didnt flush it and I was with them.. Paranormal stuff started happening to me.. Like something pushed up my leg bone. over again. This is such bullshit I mean oh my God a baby and a psychotic mother who killed a baby and then is being a real bitch and is gonna a scream and is gonna say give me back my baby oh my God i'm so scared ok what happens if you flush the baby in front of her then leave the bathroom will she haunt you forever like bloody Mary you can reply back but I won't repsond probably because a fucking clown will kill me at 3:00 a.m. right beside my bed wish me luck that I live, Ok lets get a few things straight when you flush the baby in front of her will she then will she haunt you or kill you right on the spot, ok now thats scary but.... mayme its not real bacause a mum loves her baby mothers, they dont. 3 months ago. be so clumsy? What are we going to do if we want to get out of the bathroom (First Version), Anonymous watch the baby blue YouTube videos, these things aren't good,I mean for gods sake your summoning demons,these things properly aren't real but better safe than sorry. It was only a precious baby, some ppl are just twisted that way. See I would be that part of the factor alpha Me Omaga Me... its the others two two stories that nobody cared about. Đơn vị chuyên đặt mua hàng Quảng Châu online qua mạng, Đơn vị chuyên nhận đặt mua order đồ taobao cấp tốc tốt nhất hiện nay, Đơn vị chuyên đặt mua đồ Quảng Châu trực tuyến qua internet. Stand Well, actually in real life I heard about a mom killing her child while they were out for a drive. Ok im doing it but the res SOME things in the mirror.OOh no its a baby it lookes fine ok noW IM holding it ouchi IT SCRACHED ME IM IN THE BATHROOM WITH ME linda Clavijo and my friend LILLY alonso wait i see a mom in the mirror.OOh its saying "GIVE ME BACK MY BABY!!!! The baby blue wasn’t cutting it anymore. 0:11. And i will subscribe to ur channel if u do the same. *** * “Indeed, strong enthusiasm for Biden among his supporters – at just 24% – is the lowest on record for a Democratic presidential candidate in 20 years of ABC/Post polls. Enter the bathroom with the lights already turned off. The Swinging Ritual/Gone Wrong """I stood there for a second, uncertain. Tweet Share on Facebook. "and im sayING "yo mom ya killed ya baby so why ya wanted it back so you can kill the baby again". Ok. now I've heard everything. Mind not to drop him, he doesn’t take kindly to this and will give you Car Fixing Gone Wrong! But this seems a little different. Baby Blue Challenge at 3AM!!! ITS NOT FRICKINGGGGG REAAAAAAAL! This urban legend is related to the myth of Bloody Mary. My back was still cold, but not colder. and attempt to have you meet the same fate as her little treasure. I did this when I was little with two friends. Never Do A Challenge Besides The Pool. DOMESTIC'S PRIZE FUND; Irish Breeders challenge hots up. I guess if believe in thing you can't see and soul sources. All 'Urban Legends and Horror' branding from my website is not to be replicated or imitated. Not throw it on the ground, Đơn vị chuyên đặt mua hàng Quảng Châu online qua mạngĐơn vị chuyên nhận đặt mua order đồ taobao cấp tốc tốt nhất hiện nayĐơn vị chuyên đặt mua đồ Quảng Châu trực tuyến qua internet, If I do this could I actually get hurt because I wanna do it alone. i would just like to know has any1 really died from it like who know if they r lying ? oh and isnt there a hint ...i saw on the other webdite..and it completely diff story...People stay calm;), I wont to believe it but I cant like how do you know all this stuff so I'm gonna do it bet it wont work, First of all this crap is real because I tried it and im 9 so yall who be sayin its fake try it I dobble dog dare you. Baby Blue is a really interesting horror novel that reminded me of early Ramsey Campbell. I personally think it is fake! I've done the bloody mary thing and nothing happened. The majority of people in the world are familiar with Bloody Mary and her backstory. Or is it just a load of shit? A second version of this legend has a slightly different 0:11. We decided to do the CANDYMAN CHALLENGE! I then gave to baby to child services. them. There's also more to this part y I've heard but im not gonna write all of that.... YOLO= YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!!!!!!!!! Then you stare into the mirror, hold out your arms like you are rocking a baby and repeat the words “Baby Blue, Blue Baby” 13 times without making a mistake. Just the thought of it makes me per myself. Unlike the bloody marry legend witch is very well documented and that I've successfully tried myself with a small group of my family members and had gotten some very satisfactory yet surprising results. viralposts Subscribe Unsubscribe 1436. We got so scared the we dropped the baby. If that happened the innocent baby would of gone to the clouds and would not be evil. Flipin mad kids dont get scared LOL its made up...its only to scare you...from the top of me heart i really think a brave lad should try it for proof its a lie.. blame us if you die...sorry 0.0 R.I.P. The Baby Blue Cat and the Whole Batch of Cookies is a book about a family of cats that live in a little home. Previously: Satoru-kun. But even taken literally as a love gone wrong song, it’s a beautiful piece of work. Father and son divers drown in the 'Grand Canyon' of underwater caves while trying out equipment they got as Christmas presents. All three of us did it at the same time. (breaking the rules) PLAYING BABY BLUE: BABY BLUE ROUND TWO: I AINT PUSSY , yo no muero hoy -___-, It's real because someone got blood drawn from them. If you perform the ritual, they say an evil ghostly infant will appear in your arms. help........... shitty stuff sound damn scary........................... Wow, I'm to much of a whimp. 28 May 2020 ... 15 Dec 2007 662 860; Share Video. hmm now i got something fun to do monday :D and the best part... im gonna do it during school w/ my mates xD, yuhh loner i would have had planns thats how yuhh knoee yur living in yur parents basement playing video games, Learn how to spell before you judge someone. drop the baby and run because not long behind him is his aforementioned If you added a high castle tray, you may need to remove the tray to find the serial number. I know the truth and it shall set me free once and for all all four of u suck and u know why I need not go feathe. Why believe something that clearly sounds like its a load of bullshit, but in saying this: I tried it in my bathroom at 9pm and I saw a blue flash of lightning outside my bathroom Windows and after that.... nothing, so did it go wrong or is the baby too shy to come out? This is fucking crap. I noticed that the male blue bird chased them off once and then looked in the nest and just left. Cyanosis — a blueish tint to the skin — occurs due to poorly oxygenated blood. (GONE HORRIBLY WRONG) Today we played the baby monitor ritual at 3am and it had gone wrong. Beautiful 360 in, I believe, Swaters Blue. I LIKE THIS STORY , BUT THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL IM DOING THIS SHIT , you already know YOLO !!!! I tried this last night,and it worked the mother appeared asking for her baby, but I told the psycho bitch she is a horrible mother and does not deserve deserve a baby. Bloody Mary isn't real,your brain has this neat trick,if you stare at something for too long it changes it as not to record the same information,stare at your reflection for that length of time and it'll appear you have scars or whatever. Spicy Entertainer Subscribe Unsubscribe 1899. Mine is its kenzie. i will never ever ever ever do this fuck u people lol jk, omg this is scary my cuzon did this and she has scars down her arm. Whilst reciting these words you should rock your arms back and who did she like the mother or the blue baby .does she have any scratches. It's real. Blue baby syndrome can be fatal in some cases. 3.5/5 STARS There have been many trends within the horror genre: teen slashers; zombie invasions; vampire bloodsuckers and the trend tha... We've probably all heard variations of Bloody Mary, this post will look at the various takes on the legend. In an attempt to rescue our master bedroom from the PSL color that only a Starbucks Barista could tolerate, I painted. Never Do A Challenge Besides The Pool. i am a blogger i blog all over the internet go on facebook and shearch up katelynn anderson the one with the puppy and see my post, Well your supposed to flush the baby down the toilet because if not she WILL KILL YOU!so basicly what ever the legend says is real but when you have the baby in the second version you half to flush it down the toilet to end the game.because if not the mother will come out of the mirror and well...FUCKING KILL YOU!so flush that baby as fast as possible(find me on YouTube as Cybereye(green and black eye picture)that may be my next video, I said the same thing lol! It doesn't work ive done the whole candles and everything, Ummmmm............. Urban Legends are just entertainment. I would probs do Bloody Mary instead, it is best to do scary things like this with the most people possible. 'but i'm at best buy and i gots to go but one more thing 'I'M BLOODY MARY'S MOTHER!' The origins of the game Blue Baby, Baby Blue — or Blue Baby; Blue Baby Blue; Baby Blue; or Baby Blue, Blue Baby, as it’s variously known — are difficult to untangle; I’ve been hearing about it for years, but honestly, I couldn’t tell you when the first time I recall it being mentioned was. Jenny's parents were on holiday for a week... All the images on my website have been linked appropriately (when possible). Step two is turning off the light (be brave, you have a friend with you!) Step two is turning off the light (be brave, you have a was there really a woman and a baby? If I were EVER to do this, it would be with about 50 people and at Hogwarts!!! The majority of people in the world are familiar with Bloody Mary and her backstory. Police stopped a man because a camera flagged his … 2231999 the for got about me truth I angels ages the only real truth out here in these streets stressed tired of holding on about to let go. Leave a LIKE on this video!\r4. No way not doin this shit. But have you ever heard of Baby Blue? IF YES! I check and all babies were dead. WHY DON'T YOU PEOPLE WHO MAKE UP THESE CRAPPY STORIES DO IT!!!??? Courtney, the one who said you got scratches on your arm, your an idiot. Bloody Mary, Candyman, Baby Blue Blue Baby, three classic bathroom mirror rituals Caught on TAPE! I'm kind of the experimental type and a magick circle is what I would suggest for anyone who wants to try this in the future because I kid you not, the realm of the supernatural can truly be a very dangerous place. No it's not. They still don't see me so fuckem all I don't give I don't surrounder. From yoga mats to going out and about, your leggings should be fashionable enough to keep up with your lifestyle. I claim no rights to these images and upon request will replace an image if the owner so wishes. Why do you think that a demon will come at you, Fuckin not doin it lol the second version is scary as hell, I tried blue baby and it's scary me and my friend did it in the party in the bathroom and nothing happened but while I was doing it a shiver went down my spine I was scared and quick flushed it down the toilet it was scary but nothing happened see it's not real. Then my babi had to be the next curse she was trying to cover her tracks up. Then the world might understand ME.....But who am I to judge until it comes to me what I know what happen and the process paperwork DNA files13 that's why I can't find my dad the only other one of me.......gone solider my moms lies everybody seems to trust so much but fuck it I'm done ghost I've fight this long to give up now would be sad id be giveing up on my self and the truth. less disturbing legend of, Image courtesy of Tuomas Lehtinen at at - edited by UrbanLegendsandHorror. Actually I have done this, being 23 years old and being a massive horror fan I would be a bit of a hypocrite if I hadn't tried now wouldn't I? I'm kinda scared but me my friend and my siister r gonna do it. What happens if you five her the baby back? Now sparrow are building. There is a baby blue cat, a baby orange cat, a baby striped cat and a baby white cat. Plus, dont call us pussies just because we're spooked out, some urban legends r real or just based on real life tragedies. My point exactly, Case closed :-) <3, Lol I posted the same comment twice on mistake >-D (laughs extra hard) its so hard to be serious when I'm not in school >-D BEST SUMMER EVERRRRR. The premise and characters are intriguing and carry you through a creepy mystery to … The ritual of Baby Blue, not unlike Bloody Mary, is set in Define baby blue eyes. I suggest you take a friend if your heart is set on trying The truth 2. when i forget these stories im floping going to celebrate but i think i wont remember to celebrate then i will remember the bad story. Boys in BABY blue! If you replicate any story from Urban Legends and Horror word for word, you must provide appropriate credit or a takedown request will be issued. baby blue eyes synonyms, baby blue eyes pronunciation, baby blue eyes translation, English dictionary definition of baby blue eyes. Lol you people need help, this is as fake as it gets. i have done it i have 2 scratches on my neck that have turned into scares... Noooo way in hell!!!! Above beyond and thru ME I was the first curse of baby boy dad took me. Will she still kill you or will she be creeped out a be like what the fuck is wrong with you? I would never do this... or would I? no way i would believe that shit i dont belive in fucking blue baby blue who would! See what Ma'kiah Kershaw (makiahkershaw) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. a little scratch. Subscribe to my channel!\r2. Hello, what happened to common sense, and why in good lord pete sally is his name BLUE BABY?#?! ritual:-. Tweet Share on Facebook. Born into the world by a So you can kill ot again? THE F**K I AINT DOIN THIS SHIT AGAIN I DID IT ALREADY ITS FUCKING BOMB, I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT IT MABE I WOULD DO IT AGAIN FUCK THAT SHIT, ummmmm.......i did it with my sister 6 times and we saw her we forgot to blow out the candles the last time and now shes in my hall way and i dont know what to do anyone know i really dont and she wont leave we are scared she will kill us and our family it gets harder and harder to breathe the closer we get to the hallway, I Tried It But Its Bullshit! basically bullshit. So what happens if you don't drop the baby? i would be nuts to do it by myself!!!!! just an FYI I know it aint real but I shur as hell know im still not doin it NOOOOOO FUCKIN WAY IN MY LIFE AM I EVER DOIN IT the only thing I WILL do is my girl. i done this, its shit scary.i got scratches down my arm. Omg!People here are older than me!Well actually am pretty young. Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn On The Lights? Everyone here knows you aint got no scratches on your damn arm so stfu and stop trying to scare people. @THEVOGUEDOLL ( My Content is not made for kids/under 18, if you are under 18 and watch my videos, please watch it with a guardian and at your own discretion.Do not perform any activities shown in my videos on your own if you are under 18 and without proper supervision.My videos are just made for Entertainment Purposes and not to insult anyone's work or sentiments.Lots of Lovexoxo❤️ i do not believe this because brittany44 did it and nothing happen to her and she flashed the baby down. The baby was playing on the floor, when he went into the kitchen for only a few minutes. YOLO!And it's totally not real. Enter the bathroom and fog up the mirror (breathe on it, Enter the bathroom and fog up the mirror (breathe on it, turn on the hot water – however you like), once this is complete you should write the words “Baby Blue” on the mirror. when they metion the part where you pass the baby around, what happens if you don't drop the baby do you return it to the mirror or something. Let's face it people there are some very sick and disturbed individuals out there in the world. Once you’ve waited for about a Choose your own flair. or is it just a made up story? It is unknown whether blue baby syndrome has any connection to the game presented here. He came back into the living room and found the python coiled around the baby, suffocating her, and said that the child was "blue, and getting darker". Baby Blue Challenge | Ritual & Game . You should watch it … I had 6 baby blue birds in our blue bird house and noticed that the sparrows were hanging around. Turn on notifications for my channel!\r3. psychotic mother, he was destined to be a child of legend. Never forget where you came from. It is rumored that you can talk to spirits through the baby monitor. fuck you suck my toto ass hole am not having this bull shit so fuck you and the mother is carzy just like her pussy and if am a ghost i will kill the game and the mother so fuck you mother coming start from the undergound . Then she will scream really loud, but u can't cover ur ears or u will drop the baby, off u happen to drop him, then the mother will grab a shared of glass from ur mirror and stab u with it and u can't escape because something will pull u down so u can't run out the bathroom. now that i have moved on (because you caused me grief) , ive found someone that is really in to me, that likes me, and makes me happy. so I just disproved your stupid meth head story. So where do I come in at Ill tell you the truth but it would even matter in the end why because people don't care about another struggle 2 like twins. Even if it isn't real. The 360, at least in manual form, was on my list along with the F430 and I still am tempted to this day Getting the car washed, clayed, and waxed before having paint protection film applied. The emerging style of athleisure definitely blurred the lines between street and gym wear. The shadow was still in my periphery after the light left. To play “Blue Baby Blue”, you have to go into the bathroom on your own, turn off the lights and lock the door. Baby Wolf Loom: The serial number can be found underneath the Schacht Logo on the cross piece under the harnesses at the front of the loom. As soon as we did the tent fell in on us. and waiting for a few moments. appear in your arms and give you a little scratch. HTML-code: Copy. I did it and stoped and nothing happened i don't know if i should finish it or not, Hell no I am not doing this sit because if your dumb ass cut that light off u can't see and plus there is no such thing as blue baby blue he is dead he just a invisible baby and his crazy mother who killed him with a glass I am not foing the Blue baby blue or Charlie charlie game or Slenderman game or Chucky game or bloody Mary game hell no never, When 3 of us did the baby blue challenge we all got attacked and we are in school right now and still getting attacked. 4Now-4Later Looms are numbered in the 4- series. View cart for details. HTML-code: Copy. Poor Baby Blue never had a chance. Bloody Mary is a classic scary game where players try to summon the ghost of Bloody Mary in a bathroom mirror. Baby Blues and Wedding Bells by Patricia McLinn Marry Me Series Book Four Zach Corbett had left Tobias, Wisconsin on his motorcycle eight and a half years ago, as an angry young man. write the words “Baby Blue” on the mirror. !SUBSCRIBE HERE FOR FUN VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY \u0026 SATURDAY! Darrin Spivey, 35, … How to Play Bloody Mary. This must be where all the illiterate, dumb fucks come to socialize. Spicy Entertainer Subscribe Unsubscribe 1899. Baby Blue Challenge | Ritual & Game . Facts,anybody would be fucking stupid if they tried this shit. NOBODY'S GONNA DO THIS! And now he was back—for only a few days if he had his way. in front of the mirror and say the words “Blue Baby” thirteen times, over and The shadow was still in my periphery after the light left. Nobody knows his You'd do this at the end. True and we are slowly getting judge for all the marks that are appearing out of no where. Or shall I 12122000. My friend did it with her sister but she did it with the lights on & there was a super loud bang & she took the camera & ran....she put it on FaceBook. I heard that if u hold the baby long enough the mother's ghost will appear, and u have to shout in her face y she killed her baby. LOOKSMART LSF1023 Ferrari Sf90 Charles Leclerc 2019 N.16 Winner Belgium 1 43 ... 1/43 Looksmart Ferrari 458 Speciale in Baby Blue Red Leather Base Limited 10 pcs. Salt and ice challenge – Internet phenomenon wherein participants pour salt on their bodies, usually on the arm and ice is then placed on the salt. why are you talking to my mother i dont like the way to talk to her!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only one now I weak were I should be strong I strong where I should be weak the truth be tweak the 2 that every budy keendemend keynotes I'm the heart I'm the truth my stores never changed no matter who I stude against. You won't believe What Danny got Bobby to eat. All you need to call Bloody Mary is a lit candle and a bathroom you can go into by yourself. I didn't check them I just disposed of the whole nest babies and all. However, the color was reminiscent of a baby shower and not so much a master bedroom. Ha ha. I got a question bout u have to stand starring into a miror with a candle indark room for it to work?? No, his name isn't blue baby, he's called that because his mother name was Daisy Blue. You forgot the part about opening the toilet seat and dropping the "baby" in then flushing the toilet. She started crying and walked away. Something went wrong. I personally don't believe in magic and think you people are just fruitcakes, This is fucking scary i tried it and it fucking worked. if it is based on a real story...does anyone have names or a date? But still, no fucking way. “Blue baby syndrome” is a colloquial term for cyanosis in infants. Q of the day: why would a mother who killed their child want it back to do it again? My phycatic mom and sister. To play “Blue Baby Blue”, you have to go into the bathroom on your own, turn off the lights and lock the door. Haha, Hmmmmmm I don't knw if its real or not but one thing is certain, somethings are better left unknown, although I will love to see, I won't try You lieing son of a bitch lol, Anonymous or whatever the fuck your name is all u keep saying is I'm do it I'm do it then you wanna do it with some one suppose to be by yourself. Like the one with the toy baby that lures woman out from their homes. & she also agrees on this too, This is very scary I tried to do it my mind told me not to do it it was awesome except the fact that it you do this you die, If I'm brave enough to do it I'll say it I'll do it, Oh hell nah...i aint doing that fucked up shit...but i would say to the mother 'fuck your child RIGHT IN THE PUSSY! Spirits can talk through the signals baby monitors put out. ... the full video title is "DEAD GIRLFRIEND OUIJA BOARD CHALLENGE AT 3AM!!